29 March 2013

This is Why Folks' Leashes Get Cut!

I have a friend who has told me stories about how he and his dad used to deal with people who didn't mind their Ps and Qs in the water.

Fins would be broken off of boards.

Leashes were cut with knives.

I remember being a bit taken aback by such talk. Well, color me none too surprised by people handling their business when necessary.

Dude, I was already on the wave. And here comes your happy ass snaking me. Seriously? It even appears that I'm in a bit of tube. I never even noticed. I was too busy giving the stinkeye to this $%^&;!

Don't be a dick in the water.





At 3/29/13, 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

as much as i hate dick ( at least i think i do, never tried one and never will), theres always gunna be one intha water. And, it seems theres a lot more these days, probably because of law suits and such. I remember growing up at the lane. If someone dropped in on you 2 things might happen, at least one always did. The first is if someone was on the cliff, heed/sheed throw rocks at you til you got out of the water and then, you'd get your ass kicked! Nice little toobee baby!


At 3/29/13, 2:50 PM, Anonymous Magic Murly! said...

Well from the looks of it you got the better of him in looks & style! Nice slot SS keep on shredding!

At 3/29/13, 4:34 PM, Blogger Henry Hester said...

I ask them right to their face... "You Are either an asshole are you don't know any better. Which one is it?"

At 3/29/13, 4:48 PM, Blogger KK said...

i love how you titled the photo's dick1, dick2, and dick3. LOL!!! indeed, what a dick. Don't look left or right when crossing the street either ey? it's so dangerous when someone drops in like that, i hate it!!! at least no one was hurt

At 3/29/13, 5:21 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

AHAHAHAHAHA! I forgot that people can see the titles I give to photos!

At 3/30/13, 3:11 AM, Blogger Robin Thomson said...

I would have been absolutely apoplectic at that moron. He would never forget his encounter with the stink eyed old man mat rider and would stay well clear in future. What a quadruple dick!


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