10 March 2013

I Have a Crush on the Jack Bruce of 1968!

Jack Bruce will be 70 in May. God bless him, but I won't have a crush on a 70 year old until I'm . . . 70! But the 25 year old Jack Bruce?

There are no words.

In other news, I rode my mat all last week. I wore myself out. In fact, I had to take a day to rest. Everything hurt. Everything! I still got my waves though. I ended the week a happy waterperson.

I got back on my board today. The waves, even with the fat tide, were to my liking. I don't spend much of the winter at my home break. The wave tends to be uncooperative during the winter months. I head south to a beach that pulls in the good winter waves. Then, as summer approaches and this winter spot shuts down, I return to the home break or points north of that.

The best part of summer is having more spots to surf and mat. My wintertime choices are rather limited. Summer, however, is an entirely different story. I'm anxious to get my mat back to my favorite mat riding spot. When that place lights up, it's a thing to behold, especially when riding prone.





At 3/11/13, 7:19 PM, Blogger Wondering K said...

do you have a favorite brand of mat? I learned to surf here in WA last summer and loved it, but would love to have more options...and figured I would ask you since you love it so much!

At 3/11/13, 7:33 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I prefer the 4GF mats that Paul Gross makes. They're just perfection.

At 3/12/13, 7:44 AM, Blogger Wondering K said...

Cool, will check them out, thanks!


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