18 July 2012

In Pursuit of the Double Stroke Roll

This drumming thing isn't all that easy. Then again, it's also not all that difficult. It's challenging enough to keep me highly entertained for long periods while being easy enough to keep me from getting discouraged.

The double stroke roll seemed impossible two weeks ago. Now, with some tweaking of my grip and serious dedication to both the practice pad and the metronome, I'm seeing progress.

I've got not surf-related news to report. I am surfing. In fact, I'm surfing and matting. I seem to gravitate towards my mat during the summer months. That's when my favorite mat spot turns on. As long as I have the car loaded with a single fin longboard and a mat, I'm good to go. I can take on just about any wave I see. If it's smaller, I'll ride the board, especially if it has shape. If it's bigger, I prefer the mat, especially if it has shape. Did you detect a theme? One that pertains to shape?

I thought you did.

Pray for it—surf, that is.


At 7/27/12, 8:55 PM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

I know how you feel about drumming ......it's probably the same way I feel about my Uke! It's so magical when you finally achieve something you keep trying to conquer ;-)!
Keep on drumming .... Looking forward to a j session soon!


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