01 November 2011

"But having said that when some crazy tweeker is up in my grill that sucka's goin down"

Prana said that. So I stole it.

He said that in response to the piece I just wrote for Josh's site.

There was an incident at the home break this weekend. You've seen the show Bully Beatdown? I find that show somewhat interesting in a good-triumphs-over-evil way, but it ultimately leaves me shaking my head even further about how horrible television is these days.

Wait? What was I talking about? Digression is a horrible thing!

The bully, if you want to call him that, took a beating. I don't enjoy violence for violence's sake. Most of the time, I think people should leave each other the fuck alone. (Yes, I actually have to use the f-word when I'm stating my opinion about how humans should interact with one another.) However, in cases where people seem unable to mind their manners, so to speak, a good ass kicking is sometimes in order.

I'm not a staunch believer in turning the other cheek. There are times when you can't be Gandhi. And since none of us is leading a nation of millions out of colonialism, most of us aren't trying to lead by example when faced with a situation that is going to turn violent. I don't want to see people fight. I don't like to see people fight. The only thing for which I'll throw down, at this point in my life, is my child.

But if you're attacked or see someone else being attacked, you act. Don't just stand there if you know you can help (even if that means running away to call the police or something). Don't just stand there!

The crew didn't just stand there. They delivered a bully beatdown on a tweaker who, having already crossed more than one line in the sand (and I'm being figurative, not literal), became a danger. He deserved it. And I think he got off easy. He was allowed to walk away. Granted, the police came and arrested him, but he is lucky he still had most of his health.

Localism is not always a four-letter word.


At 11/1/11, 7:51 PM, Blogger Travel / Surf Guy said...

Hey Sis, couldn't agree more - sometimes SHIT just needs to be dealt with either good or bad !

At 11/2/11, 4:31 AM, Blogger MF said...

Hey I read that article you did. Wow, and I have to agree. I think most of the time we just need a bit or respect and it will work out OK. Nothing gets me madder than the guys who crash the local break, move straight into position and don't even acknowledge the locals. The guys that say 'gidday', nod and wait a respectable time to take their spot in the lineup are usually treated well. Having said that, many of our young local alpha males are just fucking rude to everyone, even locals like me.

At 11/2/11, 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

localism is outdated.

respect never goes out of date...

at least not until now. in this age of narcissism, when common courtesy is no longer common, beat downs, verbal or otherwise are sometimes still necessary but, not for the reasons of localism.

localism used to be a thing when there were hundreds to thousands of surfers, not millions (you cant beat up everybody) when the beach was inhabited by average, middle and lower incomers with a sprinkle of rich folk. its changed.

ive been surfing for 45 years (most of that time has been spent between two spots, one in the nor/central and one soca) and i'm not about to give up just because i aint willin or able to fork out the cash to live at the beach with a majority of yuppy fvcks (or whatever the new name for our douche bag money grubbers are called).

i surf because surfings fun, fun in the water and nuthin more. sure, its bitchin, and you're bitchin if you do. well, you used to be bitchin, but now its mainstream, more like jogging or golf. as mens health or womans home journal refers to it as "possibly a part of a heathly lifestyle," like say the gym, or mountain biking or triathalon... hahahahaha

i gotta say that i still battle the inner feelings of wanting to "protect" "my spot" and i still do/will get a little barky here and there, but when i remember, i get most of my waves through a life of learning, sharing, wave knowledge, courtesy and just plain hard work, that translates into paddling power, i calm down.

3,4 or moresomes SUCK! paddling straight to the peak SUCKS! saying "good morning" SUCKS! (i know what you're really trying to say- saying hi, that makes us friends - that means i can drop in on you) dropping in SUCKS! surf dates SUCK! backpaddling SUCKS! sitting in my 6' circle SUCKS! saying, "i didnt see you there, i didnt think you were going to make it, isnt it cool how when its small we can all ride the same wave, its a party wave!" SUCKS! loud water cooler talk about money, your sexcapades, church youth group, college classes, yak yak yak SUCKS!

remember, theres folks that actually surf to commune with nature, enjoy the water and the quite and escape from the rest of the fvcked up world...

RESPECT is the answer...

or a good ol' wann get one pound out BRAH! ;)


At 11/2/11, 7:11 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Amen, yo!! I go out in the water to just be quiet. I don't want to talk much. I don't want to argue. I don't want to throw stinkeye. I just want to surf . . . quietly.

And most of the time I do.

If there's a beef in the water, I paddle away. I'm not in the water to be in the middle of that. I've made that clear to people ad nauseum.

The parking lot, for me, is a different matter. If stuff goes down on land, then it needs to be dealt with. Period. As I've said before, I'm not the same person on land that I am in the water. So when all this went down, I was fully in support of this guy getting his ass kicked.

saying, "i didnt see you there, i didnt think you were going to make it, isnt it cool how when its small we can all ride the same wave, its a party wave!" CLASSIC!!

At 11/2/11, 11:36 AM, Blogger tuskedbeast said...


If I say "good morning" to another surfer in the water, it's not to buddy up to him to get his waves.

How does "politeness" figure into your respect equation, and does IT go out of style?

I've been surfing about as long as you, I've seen the same lame changes in the world as you, so I feel your anger and need for escape too. I relate to pretty much everything you're whinging about, except saying hi or good morning.

At 11/2/11, 4:32 PM, Blogger MF said...

I agree tuskedbeast. I am fully aware that guys saying 'hi' is also sometimes a way to buddy up and take waves off me. But I still would like SOME etiquette out there, and I too am not there for a fucking chat. It's just MANNERS!!!

Anonymous - it's hard to kow what you actually believe in with that kind of rant. And being 'anonymous' is a bit of a copout in fact - its a BIG copout.

At 11/3/11, 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

tb and mf-sound like a couple of internet bullies...i dont remember addressing either one of you.

oh, i mean, good morning and i'll see you in the water with a big fat smile and a hug.

just because you've been in the water for almost or more years than i, doesnt make you not a kook. and i love YOUR manners....thats why guys still get pounded, brah! ;)


At 11/3/11, 6:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

surfysister, now i'm ready to paddle out....barked at by a couple of goons is equivalent to listening to led zepplin on the way to the beach, AHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!


At 11/3/11, 6:42 AM, Blogger P.O.P. Surfer said...

For the record- "anonymous' isn't me...
Wasn't the point of your post about the issue in the parking lot and the fact that a person assaulted one of "ours"? It has nothing to do with what happens in the water- If someone says hello, I respond in kind, if they continue to act like an ass and snake, be loud, drop in on others, the hello goes out the door and they get treated accordingly. THAT has nothing to do with an assault in the parking lot.

At 11/3/11, 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooops. sorry surfsis and tb and mofo and pop surfr,

my bad, its all about the lot! i have to admit i didnt read the whole post before i mmmmmm mouthed off with my incoherent and whining rant. it was early and i was cranky with my incoherent and whining giant nonfiltering old man disease....please dont hit me again.

so, never mind...GREAT ARTICLE!


At 11/3/11, 9:56 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah, I was really just talking about what went down on land. Thanks for getting everyone back on point, P.O.P.!


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