25 May 2010

Waiting for the Tide to Drop

Those Vans need to be replaced by some that don't stink or sport holes that render the shoes pointless.

Both boards want to get in the water, but only one will make the hike down to (and back up from) the break.

You can never have enough Peter Gabriel in the car when you're forced to wait for Mother Nature to grant you your wish (for a lower tide).

At least it was a nice day without much wind. And yes, after waiting for about 30 minutes, the decision was made to paddle out.

The Place Which Shall Remain Nameless on a small day with only four people out or The Zoo with enough people out to piss you off? The decision was not a difficult one.


At 5/25/10, 3:17 PM, Blogger C-Dub said...

SS, you seem to get out to all the places I miss. I need more free time to surf. Enjoy!

At 5/25/10, 3:56 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I only work part-time and don't make much money. When I can surf, I surf. The knee replacement made me appreciate every day that I can surf, so I take the opportunity to do so seriously.

C-Dub, you can probably afford to do a lot of things I cannot. Still, I'd rather be as poor as I am and able to surf when I want than to have more money as a result of being stuck in a cubicle.

Your turn will come. All of this is cyclical. Eventually, I'll be back to working more house than I like while being reduced to Weekend Warrior status.

At 5/25/10, 4:22 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

"house?" LOL. I meant "hours"

At 5/25/10, 10:14 PM, Blogger SlowPolk said...

surf on!


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