12 May 2010

Wegener BlueGill Test Drive: Day 1 (A Pictorial)

This board is not an alaia, but it's close. Note the two tiny twin keels

Note to self: This is also not a traditional surfboard. This is what it looked like when I tried to turn it as if it was one.

I did not find this board difficult to ride at all. It paddled easily and popping up on it was no problem. After the session, I called Jon Wegener for advice on turning. He said that experience riding alaias or snowboards will help one to understand how to make this thing turn. I have experience in neither, but I remain undaunted. I've been watching videos of him riding the board. I think I can work some turns into my rides . . . or die (LAUGHING!!!) trying.

Will I be pulling the trigger on a BlueGill even though the arrival of my last board had me saying my quiver would remain static for awhile? Probably so. The only thing stopping me is money. Of course, I always find a way around that problem when it comes to getting a board. This one will have to wait. However, the wait won't be long. The tax refund check should be arriving any day now.

The waves at the home break were actually quite good today so the BlueGill shared the session with my Almond pig. I will have both of them out there again tomorrow.


At 5/12/10, 11:46 PM, Blogger Nooner said...

Nice job Sis! Try to stay as low as possible, crouching Tiger style, and sometimes drag your hand to initiate/control turns. Have fun on that thing!

At 5/13/10, 5:37 AM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Because of the new knee, a prolonged crouch is painful for me. But I'm going to have to get into some kind of crouch to work a turn into my repertoire. Stay tuned.

At 5/13/10, 10:11 AM, Blogger pabs said...

I hate it when my board hits a bump and refuses to go in the direction my falling body is headed...blame it on the a liquid clump of rocks! ;-)

At 5/14/10, 6:18 PM, Blogger Bob Driver said...

Me thinks that I must try a Wegener... Have Fun!


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