22 May 2010

Wegener BlueGill Verdict? Thumbs up!

The trigger has been figuratively pulled. Once the template has been made for the size I want, my BlueGill will be shaped. That last session I had on it was for two hours. I got to see what the board could do. I also got to see what I need to work on as a surfer. The board was great. I was not. I will say I was pretty good on it though. I just need to get that controlled slide thing into my head. That will come with time spent surfing that board. I must admit, my quiver is making me very happy these days. I like what I see when I approach the rack that holds my boards. I'm even at the point of thinking one or two of the boards can find new homes.

Wait. What am I talking about? I know how I am. I retract that last sentence. I'd lost my head for a moment. It's back now.

I'm anxiously awaiting my next session on a BlueGill.

Wegener knows what he's doing. And he does it quite well.


At 5/23/10, 1:42 PM, Blogger hungrybird said...

I can't wait to see you on it. Are you thinking it will be mainly home break board or maybe Bolsa Chica board?

At 5/23/10, 1:44 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I will certainly surf it at the home break when the wave permits since Jon surfs the BlueGill at beachbreaks all the time. I think it would work at the local northern pointbreaks as well.


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