20 March 2009

Summer is Coming!

This is my "Blackball Beater". I'll probably spend as much of the summer on it as I will any of my boards. Why? Because summer is the time when I enjoy being outside the most. And on the days when I don't want to surf or get chased out of perfectly good waves by that irritating blackball flag, I'm going to put my mat to good use. I will probably be on it on days when I do a double session. If I'm still woefully unemployed, I'll be doing morning sessions on a board and afternoon sessions on a mat. Or vice versa. I just like having options. A mat is still a surf-related craft. And once you get it going, it's better than any rollercoaster ride. You should get you one.


At 3/20/09, 11:14 PM, Blogger nm said...


At 3/21/09, 12:05 PM, Blogger Flying said...

back to the greenough era hey ?
good on you.
so you know, I linked your blog on our website for old europe's readers.

flying longboarder

At 3/22/09, 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forward to the Greenough era...


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