09 February 2009


I could watch him surf all day every day. And since it's been raining, I've got nothing but time . . . to watch other people surf.


At 2/10/09, 8:42 AM, Blogger Bill said...

Nice footage there...
Im only half way thru it and that backdoor pipe highline on the green and white longboard is
SooooooooSweeeeeeeet uhhhh ! !

At 2/10/09, 11:21 AM, Blogger Toddy said...


At 2/25/09, 1:40 PM, Blogger MF said...

I told a guy a few years ago that I thought Herbie was the greatest surfer ever and he looked at me and said, "who"? I'm not sure if he is the greatest but there's nobody I'd rather run into some day. A longboard at Pipe! Love that guy.


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