04 February 2009

Our Little Graduate

The stupid mortar board wasn't my idea. He kept it on for about a nanosecond. Then it was off. He successfully completed his puppy training class. Now we move onto the intermediate class. Perhaps it's that class that will make him come when I call him. Does he respond when the six year old calls him? Of course. When I call him, he thinks about it and then walks away! $#%!

He's a great dog. We still miss our other dog. Soul Brother #2 sometimes feels like it's sacrilege to express love for our puppy, as if doing so means we didn't love Monty. This has been a good opportunity to teach him about moving on while holding onto the love for that which is no longer there.


At 2/5/09, 5:20 PM, Blogger clayfin said...

NetFlix, Dog Whisperer - all you need to know, no need for classes.

At 2/6/09, 6:00 AM, Blogger dgm said...

What a beautiful animal! I'm happy he's working out for your family :-)


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