04 December 2008

The Brotha From Another Planet

Blogging is difficult these days. My regularly scheduled stoke has been preempted by real life. This, too, shall pass. In the meantime, I stand up straight and do my best to walk with my eyes looking ahead, hoping my peripheral vision doesn't catch sight of something disturbing.

I felt a dance party coming on tonight. While I don't yet feel like doing any of the dancing, I'm more than happy to let James Brown be my proxy.

Did you know that I've had the same James Brown CD in my car for probably months? I listen to it before and after each surf session. What's that about? I mean, how many times can a girl listen to "Let Yourself Go" before she's tired of it? I wouldn't know.

Surf's up tomorrow. I'll be there!


At 12/5/08, 12:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pulled into a gas station at about 3AM along the California coast (early '80s I think.) There was the James Brown tour bus gassing up under the bright lights.

I figured JB was crashed in the back...but I when walked in to pay for my gas, there he was, buying an armload of snacks.

The guy behind the counter was freaking out he was so stoked, and I just stood there staring like an idiot. (I'm very good at that.) JB shook hands with everyone and was really affable.

I mentioned all this to an older friend of mine a few days later, and he said the JB had the tightest live band he'd ever heard...and this guy was really critical.


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