21 November 2008

Dammit! We're Keeping Him!

The woman who rescued this puppy's mother and raised the puppies was worried that we, the three of us and the dog, might not be right for one another. First, we met the dog at her house. Then, she brought the dog to our house (for the home check). She said the dog didn't seem excited to see us. (How and why would he be excited to see people he'd only played with for 20 minutes the day before?) We arranged for the dog world's equivalent of a sleepover. We spent the first two days worrying that she would tell us we couldn't have the dog. By today, the third day, I laid claim to this little guy. I announced to Soul Brother #1 that Oxley was our puppy, that there was no way we'd allow her to take him back. By the time she came by today, we'd already signed him (us?) up for puppy training classes, purchased his crate, gotten an I.D. tag and hooked him up with a sweet little collar.

He's half Beagle. No one is certain of the other half, but it appears to be a Lab. The woman teaching the puppy training class couldn't see the Beagle in him. Then he let out a howl whose sound bounced off every wall in the store. Oh, he's got Beagle blood alright! This little guy is making the men in our house very happy. Oh yeah . . . I like him too!


At 11/22/08, 7:37 AM, Anonymous Val said...

Yay!!! Good on you.
That woman is a power hungry pain in the arse. Way to make her see that you are commited to the little guy. Enjoy, and keep sending pictures!

At 11/22/08, 8:45 AM, Blogger Jamie Watson said...

I love Oxley! I am so glad you guys are keeping him and that the boys are loving him.

Also, it was a wonderful post that you shared and I am going to make sure that Jay gets checked. And of course, we will be thinking of you guys, thinking strong, positive thoughts.

At 11/22/08, 10:26 AM, Blogger Christian said...

Animal rescue people are pretty nutty. Good-intentioned, but nutty. He's a cutie!

At 11/22/08, 1:08 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Wishing you and yours quick healing and the ability to dig all that's good every day, every one of 'em.

surf on Sis

At 11/22/08, 2:53 PM, Blogger Alan_M said...

Whatta cutie!

At 11/22/08, 4:05 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

Again, thanks for the kind thoughts and good karma. (Hey, Val!! What are you doing here?)

With regard to the dog, I haven't seen Soul Brother #1 laugh this much in a long time! I'm glad I went the extra mile for this one (six page application, visit with him, home visit by rescuer, sleepover and, finally, possession).

At 11/23/08, 2:34 PM, Blogger dgm said...

Congratulations! Oxley is adorable! I'm glad it all worked out. I know the rescue organizations mean well, but it is pretty amazing what you have to go through to adopt an animal.

Wishing SB#1 a speedy recovery, made all the more joyful with Oxley hanging around licking his (SB #1's) face!

At 11/23/08, 2:42 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

dgm, thanks for your help with the other one. You jumped right in there to get us a puppy. Very sweet and very much appreciated. I'm glad we got Oxley. I told one of my surf friends that this dog suits SB #1 more than Monty. She said, "Oh. You needed a 'man' dog." Never heard that before but I knew what she meant. SB #1 is definitely claiming and loving this dog. After their walks (mind you, he wouldn't be caught dead walking the other one), he tells me about all the people commenting about what a good-looking dog Oxley is. Perfect!

At 11/28/08, 7:43 AM, Blogger gracefullee said...

Aw! Adorable! We gotta set up a doggie date.


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