03 December 2007

A Special Warning to Southern California Surfers from Eco-Surfer

November 30, 2007

Most surfers in southern California realize that the runoff from land into the ocean after a rain is full of trash, residues from animal poop, fertilizers and oil from streets. Local governments and environmental groups issue a "General Advisory" to stay out of the ocean after 0.2" or more rainfall to alert the public of ocean water contamination by urban runoff.

Today, November 30, 2007 is not a normal day of rain.

The message I am trying to send is simple. For at LEAST the 3 days after today┬╣s rain (likely up to 5 or 7) the ocean is going to contain extremely high levels of toxins that the environment and out bodies are not accustomed to. Here is why:

1) The ash from the fires not only contains residues from plant material (including poison oak) but also from the homes, electronics, cars, paints, chemicals, plastics, fire retardants, etc that were burned. As the ingredients from all the ash are mixed in water, the concoction turns very toxic.

2) Fires increase the runoff and flooding from wildland burned areas, as the vegetation has been removed and the soil hydrologic properties have been altered. There is not only more toxic runoff but more of it!

I write this message because as an environmental consultant I am hyper-aware of the conditions of our surroundings. I am also aware that nobody has EVER done testing of how much toxins are in the water and what they have on the environment or on surfers.

The potential for harm is high and I feel is it my responsibility to spread the knowledge about this condition.

Please heed this warning and do not be a guinea pig. Contact your local health officials to determine when it may be safe to go surfing again.

Pat Zabrocki


At 12/3/07, 5:09 PM, Blogger Bill said...

So Sis, I'm curious,in light of this, tues,wed,thurs, are you in ?

At 12/3/07, 5:58 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

If it's not too big tomorrow, I'm probably in. Wednesday I'm expecting to be too big and closed out everywhere. Thursday, if it's not too big, I'm in. And what about you?

At 12/3/07, 6:21 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Im in Tue Pm
Wed Pm and possible DP
Thurs " " " " " " " " "
Im hoping this will be my "test"
and that I will pass.
My inability to even "get outside" on
Dec.24 2005 is what drove me to my current obsession and has led me to average over 200 sessions a year for the last 2 years.


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