29 December 2007

Initial Bonzer Impressions (Day Two)

Once again, the waves weren't up to the task. A longboard would have been the better weapon of choice. However, I've stripped the wax from my longboard. When will I rewax it? I don't know. Right now, it's all about the shorter boards.

Somehow I feel like I'm surfing better on this board. It's allowing me to do things I'm unable to do on my other boards. One of my friends today told me she was going to change my nickname. I've said before that I am one of three women at my break with the same first name. The first one is "Surfing" XXXX because she owns a surf school. The second one is "Proud" XXXX. I can't remember why she was given that name. I've been called "Black" XXXX for a long time. The crew decided they didn't like that appellation. So, some took to calling me "Olympic" XXXX because of my love for working out. Another member of the crew refers to me as "Chocolate" XXXX. Anyway, after seeing two of my waves on the bonzer today, one person said, "Forget 'Olympic' XXXX, we're just going to call you 'Ripping' XXXX." That was a nice compliment. Again, I don't think it's me. It's the board. I'm still figuring it out though. I did manage to pearl a few times. With no sticker on the deck, I'm having trouble knowing where to be. It's going to take awhile before I remember which African mask I should be looking at as I paddle for a wave. I can't wait to take this board to LPB!!!

Pray for better surf . . . and peace on earth, dammit!!! (Stop assassinating the good guys/gals!!! Stop forcing children to kill!!! And clean up the plastic garbage patch floating in the Pacific!!!)


At 12/29/07, 9:18 PM, Blogger clayfin said...

damn, my first magic board and I sell it!!!

At 12/30/07, 8:18 AM, Blogger SlowPolk said...


At 12/30/07, 11:04 AM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...

Porto, Sis. Porto.


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