16 December 2007

Things To Do When It's Inexcusably Flat

1. Troll eBay for Christmas gifts
2. Watch surf videos and talk yourself into expanding your quiver (even though you haven't ridden the latest addition)
3. Dye your dreadlocks
4. Troll eBay for bicycle parts
5. Think about the surf trip you've said you'll make in 2008
6. Consider finishing the book you've been reading for months

I paddled out on Friday. Who knew I'd be considering myself lucky to have done that (now that it's even flatter)? I rode a few before the tide killed it. I was out there bright and early today. There was nothing to surf. I've been at home kickin' it and trolling eBay ever since.


At 12/16/07, 3:25 PM, Blogger clayfin said...

you need a quad fish


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