24 December 2007

Santa Didn't Bring Me No Waves!

Yeah, I know he's kind of busy. I ain't mad at him. I'm simply stating a fact. It was too flat and swamped out to surf. Nevertheless, there we were. Me, CYT and Grace. Surfing the shorebreak. I can't say that it was worth it. I am glad I got a bit of a workout in. But I'm pretty much over this shorebreak surfing trend that seems to have befallen me of late.

I hope Santa brings waves for those of you who can hit it tomorrow. Those of us with small children cannot and will not be thinking about the surf. Tomorrow is an important day for our family, especially Soul Brother #2. Since my mom was born in December, she's a Christmas nut. Always has been. Always will be. My goal at Christmas is to make sure those two are happy. I'll be preparing breakfast and most of the dinner. Thankfully, we've got many bottles of Rotari champagne chilling here and at Soul Grandmother #1's house. That's enough good cheer for me! I may even open a bottle after my little man goes to bed. That's when I start wrapping his—I mean, that's when Santa usually makes his appearance.

Now that Soul Brother #2 is in Kindergarten, he can write his own note to Santa. This one's a keeper!


At 12/25/07, 7:52 PM, Blogger beFrank said...

I'm trying to make the rounds to all my blogger buddies. It's nice to find them all over the world.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.


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