01 January 2006

Out With the Old, In With the New!

Ah, 2005 . . . a year I will remember fondly as a surfer. It was my third year on a surfboard, the year when my confidence and my surf style started to take shape.

1. The Quiver

It finally came together. I'm completely satisfied with the boards I own. That satisfaction will change once my surfing moves to the next level. Now that I can't surf as much as I used to, it will take awhile for me to tire of these boards. The boards:
9'6" Tyler custom 305 single fin
9'0" Chris Slick single fin
8'6" Con thruster funboard (shaped by Bruce Grant)
7'0" Channel Islands retro single fin

2. The Successful Noseride

All I wanted, it seemed, was to make a trip to the nose and back without falling off. That I did on a few occasions. Once I saw that I was capable of such a move, I stopped obsessing about it and allowed myself to start surfing in earnest.

3. Surfing New Breaks

2005 was the year that saw me and CYT get in the car and drive. We hit up San O, County Line, LPB, Malibu, RPB, Topanga, Bay Street, OP, El Porto, and the Breakwater. We still talk about trying Bolsa Chica and Huntington Beach. I'm giving thought to a run down to Oceanside. I think much of my newfound wave knowledge came from hitting up different breaks. Doing so forced me to constantly learn different waves.

4. Wax

If you don't know about me and my quest for the perfect wax job, you've not been reading this blog much.

5. The Blog

Who knew? All it took was a guy named Whiffleboy and I was off and running. Once I got this new job, I'd decided the blog would end on December 31st since I wasn't able to surf much (and therefore wasn't writing as much). Well, I changed my mind a couple of weeks ago when I realized there will be time to surf here and there. I still want to write so I might as well keep the blog going.


Well, I can't really think of anything bad, per se. It was a good year for my surfing.


1. The 12 Foot San O Wave

I still believe I heard angels singing as that wave approached.

2. The Malibu Hit and Run

I was at Malibu at 9. I was at Aquatech by 4.

3. Surfing and Cultivating Dreadlocks

It looks like I'll spend about six more months surfing with either a bandana or a hoodie while I wait for my hair to lock fully.

Would I change anything about 2005? Out of the water, yes. In the water, no. This was the year when I was able to gain more understanding of what it means to surf. It was also the year when I could officially say I was no longer a beginner.


At 1/1/06, 10:14 PM, Blogger Whiffleboy said...


Thanks for the nice words, Sis. Things change periodically and you'll eventually find yourself with more surfing oppportunities than you have at present.

We've got to surf together [again] one of these days. Have a great 2006.

At 1/5/06, 1:26 PM, Blogger Nate said...

Nice sum-up Surfsister. It's be a shame if you quit posting about this stuff.


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