12 December 2005

Too Tired to Think of a Title

That's what RPB looked like when I checked it this morning. There was nothing there. But wait!! There is a little something. You can see it in the picture, can't you? It just wasn't enough something. So, I drove around checking spots, knowing that RPB only needed a little time and a little less water. All of the beach breaks I checked were closed out enough for me to say an almost audible "no" to the idea of paddling out. I even called CYT from our regular spot. I told her not to bother coming out. People were being slammed off their boards. It wasn't pretty. I ended up at my home break. Waiting. Talking. Hanging. And then, a few of us decided the time had come. RPB might actually be doing something. Remember that empty break in the picture? There were no cars parked there when I checked the first time. By the time I went back, cars were parked up and down the highway. However, not many of those people were taking the plunge. I'm not a big believer in waiting and watching for too long. Once I saw the lone guy in the bay get a nice, long ride, I started suiting up. And for a time, he and I were the only ones in the bay. The waves, while not quite big, were powerful enough to satisfy me. So he and I had that part of the break to ourselves for a good 20 minutes. You know, this break is funny in that you don't really notice that other people have paddled out. It's one of those places where you watch the horizon for a wave, turn around to see if anyone else has gotten in, see no one new, and then turn back to watch for waves. Then when you do it five minutes later, you'll find that 50 people somehow snuck into the water while your back was turned. The place did fill up rather quickly. Luckily, I'd gotten some fun ones before the crowd came. And when I wanted a wave, I paddled around the newbies and took it. I've complained about RPB in my time. There are so many newbies that it almost makes you shudder. Still, the vibe is peaceful. I'd much rather go there than some aggro place where everyone's got the stinkface thing going on. I did walk the board today . . . going backside! I didn't even think about it. The board stalled, so I stepped up to the nose to gain some momentum. I stayed there for awhile, thinking highly of myself. Then the board stalled again and I fell off. Someday I'll be able to walk forward and backward without thinking about it. I enjoyed myself today. The waves could have been bigger, but I'm satisfied with what I got.


At 12/13/05, 9:43 AM, Blogger TedZSurfer said...

a day off and a session - you won the lottery!

At 12/13/05, 9:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Northwest swell = El Porto breaking.

At 12/13/05, 8:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I waited for the swell to go, before I posted.
County was good, Rincon and C St. were great.

At 12/15/05, 7:54 AM, Blogger Alan_M said...

walk it walk it, it feels good! 20 mins alone (or almost alone) feels like a miracle sometimes, huh?


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