19 December 2005

At Least Santa Loves Surfers

Wetsand says:

Thursday the 22nd this swell would start to back down, but according to today’s models, we’re still in for some heavy surf in the 12-15 foot range at least.

Friday the 23rd the swell would back down more to 1-3 feet overhead.

Saturday the 24th is so far looking to be a head high + day, and Christmas day is looking a bit smaller.

Although Christmas Day may turn out to be smaller than previous NW days, we have another big NW swell on the charts for the 26th, and being based on 84h+ models, timing could turn out that this swell hits midday on Christmas. In any event, this next system is forming right now in the Western Pacific, and models feel comfortable placing this one on a low-latitude trajectory towards our coast. This could be bigger or similar in size as the swell hitting Wednesday the 21st, but based on such long-range projections, we’ll need to see how this one pans out over the next few days.


At 12/20/05, 5:09 PM, Blogger TedZSurfer said...

I can get in a session on Friday and Sat. but surfing is banned on Christmas Day - Both my Mom and my in-laws are in town and we're hosting dinner - won't be able to sneak out!!!

At 12/21/05, 12:53 PM, Blogger Jeffery said...

I paddled out at OB Jetty this morning only to be tossed around by an angry sea. I'm not sure what it looks like up North, but it was a choppy, angry, foamy mess in South County today and it was just a little overhead. Hope it cleans up tomorrow!


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