28 July 2011

Saltwater Smackdown!!

Close . . .

but no cigar!!

Once again, I had no idea I was that close to getting a small barrel. Those home break closeouts are crafty little buggers. I was concentrating on not losing the board. I never did get a good look at that wave, so I was totally unaware that I was almost in there. Almost. And then, as is typical at the home break, the saltwater curtain came down all at once. There would be no curtain calls or standing ovations. Instead, I made the swim to shore to retrieve my board.

Some day, I will actually be looking at the wave when it does that nice little barreling thing. Some day. But not today!!


At 7/28/11, 11:08 PM, Blogger MF said...

Hey, that's close enough for me. That's a barrel. I'd be happy with that, in fact I think that's about as close I have ever got myself.

At 7/30/11, 12:15 PM, Blogger pabs said...

We call that "Shootin the Closeout Curl"...definitely counts!

At 7/30/11, 4:52 PM, Blogger Bill said...

Nice one Sis !

At 8/4/11, 3:38 PM, Blogger P.O.P. Surfer said...

The key to having surf pictures taken at the "home break" is only showing the first of the sequence..then saying, Oh yeah, I made that one"...nobody will ever know the difference. Except the other "home breakers"..they'll know you're full of shit.


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