24 February 2010

I Took My Trip to Wormtown

Worm and I, after many failed attempts, finally got together for a session. Finally. We've tried several times in the past, but something—usually rain—always came up to ruin our plans. She finally said that no matter what, she was coming down to L.A. to surf with me today. Period. No ifs, ands or buts. This was a done deal. For once, there was no serious rain. I had no plans. So, we hit it.

I took her to The Place Which Shall Remain Nameless. Although it's a bit of a drive for me, it's worth it to get away from the crowds at the beaches and points. There were never more than six of us out during the session. The shape left a bit to be desired, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

I surfed TPWSRN yesterday and came away from the session completely spent. Between feet that were shredded on the rocks (which are always there but were made worse by the low tide) and getting worked on the inside, I'd pretty much left everything out there. Nonetheless, I went back for more today. I wanted us to have some space to surf. I also wanted to see Worm in action.

She does not disappoint. I got caught on the inside a few times, but chose to kind of hang out there (and get worked) just so I could watch her waves. She's simply amazing: very much at ease, completely comfortable on the nose, switching stance at will. All the while, she smiled. That's the kind of person with whom I love to surf.

Thanks, Worm, for making this session happen. I learned a lot from watching you. It was great to hang with you in the water. Next time, I'll come down to your neck of the woods.


At 2/25/10, 8:51 AM, Blogger Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Nice! thanks for sharing, stoked for you both!
Aloha, Cher


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