29 January 2007

It is Monday . . .

and I do feel it. It probably would have been a good idea not to lift weights on Sunday. It might have been a better idea not to do intervals on the rowing machine today.

It rained enough on Saturday to make me skip paddling out yesterday. I'm just not feelin' this polluted water. I found it interesting to hear on the news last week that there were unreported sewage spills last year in Santa Monica Bay. I usually surf in that vicinity (though not at Bay St. much). Last year, I even blogged about being chased out of the water, during one session, by brown gunk. I'm certain that was sewage. As a result of that session, I no longer trust the authorities to inform us about unsafe conditions. There were no signs warning people not to enter the water. The lifeguards never said a word about the water (which tells me that they didn't know). We all sat out there wondering what was up. What was that stuff? We never got an answer, but I didn't need one. I knew. So did Grace. So, I realize now that it's up to those of us who surf to stay vigilant and warn one another about questionable colors and smells emanating from the water.


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