02 March 2006

That's Just Foul

I'm talking about the water, of course. We hit the Breakwater today. This was after eyeing RPB and quickly eyeing the Pier (only to find that we'd gotten a ticket, dammit). The waves weren't bad before the winds came up. What was bad, really bad, was the water. CYT and I got out after an hour; we couldn't take the sight of the water. It was truly disgusting. I don't know what that brown gunk is. It can't be anything good. In terms of waves, it was a good session. The shoulders were easy to spot. I felt fine. However, I don't think that session was worth half a parking ticket. No matter. There've been plenty of times at the home break when I either didn't pay to park (because I knew the Parking Enforcement guy wouldn't check the lot) or stayed past the expiration of my space. I guess it was my turn for a ticket.

I've got one more day of freedom surfing. Tomorrow's forecast doesn't look good. I'm fine with that. Monday's session at RPB felt like a gift. I do appreciate it and I'm not greedy. If I don't surf before I start this job, so be it. I'm satisfied with what I've gotten this week (and over the last four years).


At 3/3/06, 11:49 AM, Blogger dave rich said...

i still cant get over you guys paying to park. in certain spots here in texas they were thinking about trying that idea. that was quickly shotdown. thank god you can still park anywhere on the entire galveston island seawall and not pay a dime! surfers especially should get some type of break for paying the parking meters, i mean your there all the time! you guys should just buy a sticker, good for the year, for like 20 bucks or something. thats a how another good surfing beach here does it. vehicle access permits to drive and camp on the beach cost $12 a year.


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