05 March 2005

Have You Seen This Surfboard?


"To all of our harbour friends & supporters,

Please be on the look out for a board stolen from the Harbour Surf shop. The board is a brand new 7'8" Spherical Revolver, very unique and easily recognized as it has a texalium deck and a sea foam green tint on the bottom and rails, truly one of a kind. Many of you who frequent the shop have seen it as it was the one hanging outside the shop. The board was stolen on Sunday morning by a person that fits the following description: 28-32 years of age in a red pick up truck with no lic. plate on it.

We would like to enlist the assistance of you, our friends, in locating this board. If you have any details, please call the retail store at (562)430-5614. The Seal Beach Police have been contacted and we have notified all of the local shops to be on the look out.

We also want to take this opportunity to thank our great friend Ron Osti who was able to chase the suspect for a time and provide us with the description. Please give a wave to Ron when you see him in the water for his valiant efforts!

Thank you to all of our friends and supporters, we greatly appreciate any assistance that you can offer!"


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