17 October 2013

I Blame Steven Spielberg

I've surfed here for most of the last week. I haven't seen one of these bad boys yet. Would such a sight cause me to get my happy ass out of the water? Hardly. It's a shark. It's supposed to be in the ocean. It lives there. I'm the one who's visiting. Besides, rumor has it that these are juveniles who feed on stingrays. If that's the case, I need to send these sharks some "thank you" notes!! (Mama don't like stingrays.)


At 10/20/13, 8:12 AM, Blogger surfmama101 said...

Steven Spielberg made me avoid any deep water for years Even the pool. and that is why I am a pretty bad swimmer . Thanks Jaws!!!!

At 11/20/13, 2:47 PM, Anonymous Eric said...

I blame GoPro. Now we see everything.

Looked like a juvenile, Still it makes me like the idea of a SUP over a surfboard, and I think it is what unnerves me about mats. Intimacy is good, unless you are intimate with the wrong thing.

At 11/20/13, 2:59 PM, Blogger Surfsister said...

I haven't forgotten that seal that chased me out of the water while I was on my mat!


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