28 February 2011

Every Picture Tells a Story, Don't It?

Sitting quietly in the back, the sandy back, of the car.

Preparing to launch an assault on the dirt trail down to TPWSRN.

I wore two different pairs of Vans yesterday. One pair escorted me to my surfing destination. The other pair took me down the trail and across the rocks. That second pair, in all of its tattered glory, patiently waited on the shore while I did some much-needed sliding. Once I was done, I shoved my cold, wet feet back into them, making my way back up the trail and, ultimately, to the car to get dressed and put on the first pair.

Which pair do you think I like best?

You're right. And I'm not ready to part with them just yet. I've got another pair of too-jacked-up-to-wear-out-and-about Authentics waiting to take their job, but I swear I won't give up on these once-brown Vans until they let me know they're ready to depart this mortal coil.

In other news, there is no other news. I am a full-blown weekend warrior now. I am having a new board made. I'm also going to resurface the mini ramp with Skatelite Pro. That will allow me to get my (quiet) skate on once Daylight Savings Time hits. Right now, I come home from work, deal with dinner and that's about it. It's too dark to go outside and play. But summer is coming. And play I will. In my Vans. Of which I currently own seven pairs.

That is all.


At 3/2/11, 4:13 PM, Blogger Surfing Grandma of OC said...

You know .. I have never ever owned a pair of vans..MY kids have, my husband has.. When I was a teenager I begged for some..but was never allowed to have any.. I feel so deprived!
Next time I need some casual shoes.. I'm getting me some vans damn it!


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