03 December 2014



At 12/4/14, 7:00 AM, Blogger yo said...

yo! i'm old and fat and depressed about it...its a human thing, its not just a girl thing, or its not just culture that makes you feel inadequate. it falls under the personal headings of envy and covetousness. any athlete male or female takes crap for gaining too much weight or losing to much weight or muscle and/or isnt performing as well as last year, its not a gender thing. what must be taught to these people is that athletics is not only self participation but performing. and as a performer you are always going to be judged by how you perform and by how you look. just as in the move/tv/music industries, you CAN make it if you dont look right. if you ARE GOOD enough. yeah its harder, but its doable. Be good with yourself!

At 1/8/15, 9:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The media's loss if they don't embrace the diversity that exists... Let the pro-surfers and the surf industry do there thing, who cares? We can go on and live the women's surfing tribe diversity every day and they are the ones missing out. Because isn't it so much better to have diversity than a monoculture?

At 9/14/15, 10:49 AM, Blogger Vania said...

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