29 October 2013

Some of Us Take This Love of Cowbell Very Seriously

Dear Christopher Walken,

Yes, you can borrow this board any time you'd like. Tell Will Ferrell he's welcome to paddle out on it, too. It's the least I can do to thank you both.

"You're gonna want that cowbell!"

"Really fill the space, baby!!"


Surf Sis

17 October 2013

I Blame Steven Spielberg

I've surfed here for most of the last week. I haven't seen one of these bad boys yet. Would such a sight cause me to get my happy ass out of the water? Hardly. It's a shark. It's supposed to be in the ocean. It lives there. I'm the one who's visiting. Besides, rumor has it that these are juveniles who feed on stingrays. If that's the case, I need to send these sharks some "thank you" notes!! (Mama don't like stingrays.)

12 October 2013


09 October 2013

Prono Paradiso

Steiny Style!